And I still believe that I cannot be saved. (tkh80) wrote in citycoffeehouse,
And I still believe that I cannot be saved.

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The World Is Full Of Poo

Funny times last night. While Pam and Frank were closing up Jeff and Pam were having a chat about the lady that fell out of her chair and caused a minor scene last night. Apparently she was trying to commit suicide or something and looking for a knife. Good luck with that butter knife!

Frank wandered over and spouted off an idea for a children's book that would be kinda cute. It'd be all about different kinds of poo from different animals and things. It would be called "The World Is Full Of Poo". The thing I want to know is how long has Frank been thinking of that? It's amusing.

Pam was nice enough to turn the "City Coffeehouse" sign on for us last night so that we could confirm that it still lights up. I guess I just never notice it until they're closed and I'm standing around like a lost little puppy outside.

Would you guys want to read Frank's book of poo?
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