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Robert Primeau

i just randomly thought this was interesting

hi, this is from robert, that guy with the scarf and the black and white checkered coat that is sometimes reading, playing a board game, or on a laptop. i saw that the site was inactive so i decided to cross post something. its not related to the city but its definitely coffeehouse conversation material. that is a stretch though. if going off topic here is a problem let me know and i won't do it again.

from the January 11, 2006 edition

Algae - like a breath mint for smokestacks
By Mark Clayton | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
BOSTON – Isaac Berzin is a big fan of algae. The tiny, single-celled plant, he says, could transform the world's energy needs and cut global warming.

Overshadowed by a multibillion-dollar push into other "clean-coal" technologies, a handful of tiny companies are racing to create an even cleaner, greener process using the same slimy stuff that thrives in the world's oceans.

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